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When to Consider Downsizing Your Exhibition Booth

For the majority of the exhibitors, having a big booth is akin to having a successful exhibition. However, this is not always the case. The size of the booth is not the only factor in the determination of whether or not you will have a successful display, and so you should not be obsessed about having big booths all the time.

Here are some of the instances when having a small exhibition booth may actually work in your favor:

Strategic reasons

If you are attending an event where your primary competitors will not be attending, or where you don’t want to have a full exhibit, then going small may be a good idea. Or perhaps if it is a show known to attract a small attendance, then there would be no need to go full throttle with your exhibition booth size.


When your brand is undergoing a transition

If your brand is morphing into something else, then it would make no sense to have a very big display, which will end up being expensive, yet you won’t benefit much long-term from it. During such times, it may also be a good idea to rent an exhibition booth instead of purchasing a new one.

You are focusing on pre-show marketing

If you are focusing on putting more of your efforts and resources into pre-show marketing, then having just a small exhibition booth would be just fine. In this manner, your emphasis will be to reach out to potential visitors and customers so that on the day of the event, they head straight to your booth, with or without appointment. This approach will not just save you money on the cost of the booth, but will also get you targeted leads.

To reduce trade show display cost

The other reason you may opt for a smaller size is to simply reduce the costs of attending the events. This is especially true when you are attending bigger shows, which are known to be equally expensive. Small booth spaces that are exposed during such shows result in less spending when compared to having a very big booth.