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Tips for Planning Your Business’s Holiday Party

Planning a holiday party can be expensive, especially when you’re trying to worry about running a business; however, here are a few tips to keep your wallet happy and your employees happy by throwing a party to celebrate all their hard work this year.

  1. Use Connections and Make Connections

The holiday season is all about being thankful for current relationships as well as fostering new ones. So when it comes to planning your next holiday bash, then make sure to take advantage of your business partnerships. If you are loyal to specific vendors, then vendors will reward you in return. For instance, if you always use the same florist for all your business’s flower needs, then try bargaining a holiday deal with them. You can offer an exchange of your business’s services or you can just bargain a better price in the spirit of the holidays. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to use your connections!

Holiday Party

  1. Search for Deals on a Caterer

When you’re planning any party you should always remember to never take the first offer, you should always be looking for deals, especially when it comes to the food (and the drinks – see tip 4). Look for deals on a caterer by using sites like Groupon, their new Pages feature will help you to find what ever caterer you’re looking for while also giving you reviews, photos, coupon deals, and more!

  1. Pick a Low Cost to Nothing Venue

Two great options for venues are the actual office and your own home. These might not seem like great ideas, but either place will save you a lot of money that could be spent more on decorations, food, and drinks – all three things people are more concerned about during the holidays.

  1. Choose One or Two Signature Cocktails (with a small selection of beer & wine)

Drinks always take a huge chunk of the cost at any party, so instead of having a fully stocked bar, pick one or two signature holiday cocktails with a small selection of beer and wine. For instance, have your caterer come up with one or two festive holiday drinks, like a candy cane mojito or Bailey’s & Eggnog to be served around the room. Then on your own select two types of wine – one red and one white – and then two brands of beer. This will tremendously cut costs on drinks, and keep your guests happy!

  1. Decorate Carefully

Decorate your home or the office based on the main rooms you want people to spend their time during the evening. For instance, at the office, decorate the board room, at home, decorate the foyer and the dining room or kitchen. It’s up to you, just decorate the places you think people will spend the most time and they’ll hardly notice the rest because they’ll be too busy complimenting your great use of space and beautiful decorations.