Log4j Installation

In order to use the tools we are about to install it is necessary to setup the operating environment so that the tools know where to find stuff they need and the operating system knows where to find the tools. A understanding of how to do this is essential as you will be asked to change the operating environment. I have comprehensively covered this in documents entitled Configuring A Windows Working Environment and Configuring A Unix Working Environment.

1. Download the log4j distribution from http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/docs/download.html.

2. Extract the archived files to some suitable directory.

3. Add the file dist/lib/log4j-1.2.6.jar to your CLASSPATH environment variable.

4. Download http://apache.rmplc.co.uk/dist/xml/xerces-j/Xerces-J-bin.2.6.0.zip and unzip it to a temporary directory. Copy the files xercesImpl.jar and xmlParserAPIs.jar to some permanent location and append their paths to the CLASSPATH environment variable.


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