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Four Trade Show Mistakes You Are Making Without Even Realizing

Businesses desire to get the best results from every trade show they take part in. However, this is never the case for most businesses that keep on attending the exhibitions but get very dismal results. Very many reasons could be responsible for such results and some of them are mistakes committed by the business unknowingly. They include but are not limited to the following-:

Not doing proper research before signing up for a trade show

For most business, every trade show is worth attending. This is a highly misguided notion because not all trade shows will have audiences targeted for your business. Before signing up for the trade show, be sure that the audience will be the right ones for your business so that you increase your chances of collecting as many leads as possible. Additionally, find out the competitors who will be present, the sizes of the booths and the exact dates to enable you prepare adequately.


Not knowing the reason for attending

Having clearly set objectives for attending trade shows will increase your chances of leaving with great results. Determine if you are attending to collect more leads, sell a product, show of your new products or demonstrate a new service you just started offering.

Hiring untrained staff

Every staff at your exhibition booth will be a representative of your business for that day. Potential clients will form a first impression of your company or business based on your staff as well as the nature of interaction with them. Be sure to train your staff on the services or products you will be exhibiting and also let them understand the specific goals of attending the trade show. For you to succeed, the staff must have the ability to impress the attendees.

Putting your giveaways upfront

If you place the giveaways in front where anyone can pick them, people will simply take them as freebies and this will not be beneficial to your business. Your focus should be on giving them to qualified leads. Therefore, keep them out of site and give them only to those whom you feel qualify to be real leads for your business.